iCoZero makes it easier for you to build the network you need to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

iCoZero organizes and sorts the ideas and projects of the world. If you had a large enough network of people who knew about your project, were excited enough by it to share it with their friends, and convinced to contribute time and money— how could you not turn it into reality?

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How do you get exposure. You need ranking and matching systems, you need rapid exposure interfaces (like Tinder), and you need trending type feeds (like Imgur, where the default view is by ‘newest first’) price of premium based on campaign goal size?

Sort yourself into the ideas that you actually care about. It’s free to host a project, but it can’t get donations until you have a subscription service. It’s free to host a project with basic features, and with a premium account you have access to advanced features and the ability to crowd fund Brand it like a club, like the vibe of being invited to open up the crowdfund feature.